Energetic Leadership

When modern life design collides with old leadership habits, it is time to tap into intuition and unleash the energetic sense of the future

A movement to create conscious leaders

Businesses are facing 2 major challenges:

  • Customer, government and employee demands for circular sustainability models and regenerative strategies to solve global challenges require leadership with cohesion and meaning.
  • The most important competitive parameter of the future - and thus competence - is the mastery of energetic language, intuition and the ability to create coherence between the purpose of employees' personal lives and the purpose of the organisation.

Take your first step into the new era with Energetic Leadership as the superpower.

You get an agenda that is based on people, a regenerative organization and a sustainable strategy and business model.

You get the model and fuels energy that makes it fun to reinvent your organization and yourself as a leader.

You learn to train the skills that you and your organization need for the future, so you are not in the way.

All tasks will be easier to do, and joy will return.

Energetic Leadership evokes the potential in humans and businesses

Released 21st June

Patagonia INC has made the transformation - so can you!

Get inspired or irritated from local and public people that are already making change – and don’t forget that both inspiration and irritation are good ways of inducing new leadership 😉


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The book Energetic Leadership -
a book about conscious leadership for humans and businesses

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1 hour keynote

Boost your leadership agenda
and value chain with energetic sense of the future

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5 hours mentoring

Strengthen your leadership with intuition as your superpower and energetic sense for the future

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The book Energetic Leadership will be released on the 21st June

The book is visionary, contemporary, and different:

  • It focuses on life design and how to change old leadership habits.
  • It sees the future with an evolving mindset.
  • It focuses on the person, the organization and the business.
  • It has concrete solutions.
  • It evokes all our potentials.

ENERGETIC LEADERSHIP addresses 9 pivotal trends that every organization and leader must navigate in a world that has never faced greater challenges. At the same time, future boards and leaders must tackle a wave of 'quiet quitting' and skilled employees demanding sustainability in business model, life design, and life purpose rather than work-life balance, as well as more spiritual leadership. The workplace of the future succeeds because it orchestrates the energy of both the company and each individual. The great conversation has begun!

"Gitte Madelaire spotlights the most essential question on the leadership agenda in modern business: How do we create organizations designed for people and unleash the energy that is the prerequisite for all innovation and progress? The book is a boost to the leadership agenda in all companies ."
Niels Ahrengot, Managing Partner, Implement Consulting Group Denmark

"Energetic Leadership' provides an inspirational insight into self-awareness by operating with a human sense and maintaining the equilibrium of mind, body, and soul; cultivating the courage to 275 lead with a unique sense of the future. It’s a great guide to help us to look internally when we aspire to do great things externally.”
Simone Lee, Healthcare Entrepreneur and Coach, Malaysia

"Energetic Leadership adeptly navigates contemporary leadership challenges, offering academic novelty in an exceptionally inspiring and actionable manner."
Nicholas Rosenberg Kjær, Managing Director, Volvo Group Lithuania

I am Gitte Madelaire

Gitte Madelaire is an intuitive and visionary pioneer in leadership development. People, customers, business development, and futurism have always been interested and motivated here. That we succeed individually and together. That we are better tomorrow than today. With a background in corporate business at companies such as Fona/HMW, Codan Insurance, Volvo Trucks and Ensure Insurance Broker, she now inspires to new leadership through her book, "Energetic Leadership", keynotes, facilitation and mentoring for leaders in her company Energetic Leadership - Bronte ApS. Gitte holds a BSc in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and an MBA semester from the University of Victoria. She also has traditional leadership courses and certifications in intuitive and feminine future leadership, inner sustainability, and energy-based leadership. Gitte has lived in London, Sydney, and Kuala Lumpur and currently resides in Denmark

Photographer: Marina Ozerova